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“By blending her own philosophy of liberty with a sex-positive strain of feminist commentary, Reisenwitz is able to tackle the problems facing women in society without resorting to coercion and government control.”

-Payton Alexander in Cathy Reisenwitz in Ten Great Quotes

“The best new libertarian blog online is undoubtedly Sex & the State. Created earlier this year by Cathy Reisenwitz, this collection of musings is quite unlike anything else of its kind.

Reisenwitz begins by posing the question, “Sex and power — are any two subjects more connected, important and absolutely fascinating?” In exploring the answer, she offers insight that is deeply personal, unabashedly candid, and truly original.

-Joseph S. Diedrich in The 5 Best Libertarian blogs on the web


“I feel like I find out something new/different viewpoint every time I read sex & the state.” -Morgan Scarboro via Twitter


Dear Cathy,

My name is Cameron and I just wanted to extend my gratitude for the liberty mined articles you have written for organizations like FEE. I really enjoy your writing and look forward to continuing to read it.

Cameron Cox
via email



We absolutely love your blog. We send out links to it almost every day on our twitter feed and facbook pages. Your writing style and mindset is completely inline with our thoughts as well. I read your blog and can’t believe that I haven’t met you before. My principals always leans towards libertarianism as well. That’s why I got into this business.

Jason Vance
via email

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